Ways to keep your computer looking good and new

Many people go to the doctor regularly for physical health check-ups to keep themselves well. The car needs to be serviced or repaired by going to the garage so that it can run smoothly. Similarly care should be taken with the necessary electronic products used by oneself. And then you will see that your electronics products are working as before or giving good performance. In our today’s article, we will discuss in detail some things that will help you keep your old computer like new or give it performance like new.

Choosing the right place

Keep the computer in a clean and dust-free place with adequate light and ventilation. Keep the computer away from damp environments and places subject to direct sunlight and heat. Keep computer cables, switches and other electrical components out of the reach of children and pets as much as possible.

Remove unnecessary files, animations and visual effects

Unnecessary files, interesting animations etc. accumulated on the computer slow down the work. The cleanup program can fix that speed. In that case any cleaner app can be used. Also, uninstall unnecessary software. Reinstall the operating system if necessary.

Using updated antivirus

Use the latest version of antivirus on the computer and update it regularly. Then keep virus checking, scanning on regularly. Otherwise the computer may slow down due to viruses.

All images are not stored

Today, thanks to mobile phones and digital cameras, many pictures can be taken, including selfies. But where is enough space to keep these pictures? A picture taken with a good quality smartphone camera now takes up at least 2 to 5 megabytes of space. If you keep all the pictures on your laptop, computer or desktop, it will take up space. The more space you fill in your laptop, desktop, the more difficult it will be for you to work. So keep the pictures selectively in the laptop. And now there are enough drives like Google Drive, Google Photos, etc. to keep pictures online rather than on the device. You can open an account with them and use 15 GB for free.

Running solid state hard drives

Hard drive speed can slow down the computer. To solve this problem, use a solid state drive instead of a normal hard drive in a computer. It will also speed up the computer startup. Run regular hard disk error checking.

Minimize startup software

Note the software that starts when you start the computer. Too much software will slow down the computer. For this type “Msconfig” from start menu. Then go to “Startup”. Here you will find the software running on the computer. But know well before deleting anything from here. Otherwise it may cause computer problems.

In this case, the necessary data or files should be saved on a backup CD or drive. Diagnostic software like Norton Disk, MakeApp, PC Tools etc. can be used to recover lost files from computer or identify various mechanical errors (disk error, file allocation error, cluster chain, bad sector).

Installing a clean Windows

If the computer has a lot of software and viruses, then it is better to reinstall all the software. For this, collect Windows installation CD or USB stick. Then install as per instructions. If possible, completely format the hard disk partition “C” (or wherever you want to keep Windows) and reinstall Windows there.

Clearing the browser cache

If you regularly visit websites in your Internet browser, many files may accumulate in its cache. To remove these files go to the cache option from the settings menu. Then click Clear Cache.

Refreshing the search index

The search index needs to be refreshed to quickly find the various files stored on the computer. That’s why Windows Disk Defragmenter should be run regularly (typically once a week). It is usually easily found on the control panel itself.

Ways to keep your computer looking good and new

Restart the computer

If the computer runs continuously for a long time, the speed may slow down. The solution in this case is to restart. But avoid restarting the computer unnecessarily or switching off the mains directly. In case of any mechanical fault, first shut down manually and disconnect mains if necessary.

All its neatly arranged

A computer or desktop is just a bunch of wires. Keep these cables tidy and always use a good quality multiplug. Using a quality multiplug will ensure proper power flow to your computer. Using old cables or damaged multiplugs can damage the computer. Or use a UPS with your computer if load shedding is a problem.

Regular computer servicing

Have the computer serviced at least once a year. Servicing may seem pointless to you but if you do it you will aim to increase the lifespan of your laptop, desktop. Taking care of the device beforehand is much more effective than fixing it after it breaks. And always try to take the services of a trusted person or a known person or organization and do regular servicing from one place. This ensures proper servicing of your device.

Computers are very sensitive devices and due to lack of regular and proper maintenance it does not take long to lose performance. If you are aware and careful enough about the main components of the computer and are aware and careful about the weak points, you can use your computer safely for quite some time. Let us know what you think of our today’s article on computer maintenance in the comments.

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