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Should you still buy a Nokia phone?

Nokia phones are mainly marketed by a company called HMD. HMD produces a variety of button phones and affordable, high-spec Android phones under license from the Nokia brand.

Looking back a bit, when it comes to phones, it’s hard to find anything more famous than Nokia. Because the journey of the globally known brand in the mobile phone world started with the hands of Nokia. If you were born in the nineties or earlier then you must have seen the reign of Nokia in the mobile phone world.

The cult classic Nokia 3310, often referred to as the Brick Phone, is perhaps the most famous of all Nokia phones. The model was so popular that HMD decided to relaunch the phone a few years ago with the release of the Nokia 3310 in color forge and non-forge.

But the current era is the era of smartphones. Nokia has also released some good models of smartphones to match the new era. The company has now launched a wide range of Android powered phones in the budget range. It can be said that Nokia has lagged behind other brands in terms of a large range of smart phones. But day by day they are trying to bring back their old traditions. In today’s article, we will discuss in detail how Nokia will be when buying a new phone.

How to buy a Nokia Android phone?

Let’s discuss what benefits you get when you buy a Nokia phone. It is very difficult to establish yourself as a good brand among so many Android phone companies these days. As was the case with Sony. Although they can bring other gadgets in the market very well, they have not been able to take advantage in the world of phones. Making your mark in today’s market requires more than just your product specs. You need USP, value for money and state-of-the-art hardware. In all these areas, Nokia’s recent output has been trying to score big in each of them at different levels.

More options (from flagship to budget)

The best thing about Nokia’s Android phone lineup is that it caters to almost every type of user. In this case, they make separate flagship devices for those who prefer flagship phones and budget friendly devices for those who want to spend less on smartphones. Even for those who are not comfortable using smartphones, HMD Nokia makes feature phones.

If you know what kind of things you want or how much money you want to spend or all the functions you want in your phone, then this kind of wish list is considered a very good option for you. Like Samsung, Nokia wants to take an approach where it is possible to make phones in almost all price ranges. This will increase the number of phones sold. But in this case, Nokia has to think that Samsung spends billions of dollars on marketing their phones.

Stock Android

The biggest attraction of Nokia Android phones is that they use the original version of Android. It is basically called stock Android. This means you get to use Google’s favorite Android while using this phone. This will provide less bloatware than Samsung and One Plus phones.

Relatively low price for flagship phones

Nokia Android phones are not very cheap but not very expensive either. So you will get their best phones in a reasonable price.

Solid design

Nokia has always been good at designing their phones. Looking at the output of Nokia’s current phones, it can be understood that they are still very well positioned in the industry regarding their attention to detail. And the best part about this is that whether you buy a phone from lower budget or upper budget, you will find good and beautiful designs there.

Which Nokia Android phone should you buy?

There is a lot to like about Nokia Android phones. Because it uses stock android so its UX is very smooth. Besides, you will get up to 2 years of Android updates as well as up to 3 years of monthly security updates. And its mid to higher end models will get better cameras and industrial designs.

But if you want to compare it with Samsung’s Android phones, it might not be able to reach that position at the moment. But you also have to think that this is a phone with a lot of functionality in a very low budget. This makes it a top choice for those looking to purchase a value-for-money device.

A Nokia Android phone will provide enough services for a normal user. You get great cameras, solid performance, good software and great support. So if your budget is such that you don’t want to spend extra then you can go for Nokia Android phone. You can let us know how you like this article about Nokia phones through our comments. Also, keep an eye on our website to get all kinds of important information and necessary tips and tricks about new technologies.

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