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Why your new Apple iPhone 15 is overheating

Apple attributes the overheating of its new iPhone 15 to a bug in its operating system and updates to third-party apps, such as Instagram.

Since its release in September, some users have reported that the devices have become excessively hot to touch.

Apple acknowledges the bug in the iOS 17 update and states that changes to third-party apps are causing an overload on the system. While it is common for iPhones to generate heat during initial setup or backup processes due to increased processing power, the iPhone 15 appears to experience more severe issues in this regard.

Users have taken to social media to express their concerns over the phone’s temperature. Apple explains that the device may feel warmer in the first few days following setup or restoration due to heightened background activity.

The company has identified several conditions that can cause the iPhone to run hotter than expected, including the bug in iOS 17 and recent updates to third-party apps. It is actively collaborating with app developers to implement solutions for these issues. Noteworthy apps that have been implicated include Instagram, Uber, and the game Asphalt 9.

However, Instagram has already addressed the problem with a fix released last week. Apple assures users that the forthcoming iOS 17 bug fix will not compromise performance in order to address the temperature concern. Additionally, Apple emphasizes that the overheating is unrelated to the new titanium casing featured in the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max, which have replaced the stainless steel used in older models.

The company dismisses speculation that the issue is related to the new USB-C port that enables compliance with a mandate from European regulators. Apple asserts that the overheating problem does not pose any safety or injury risks and will not impact the long-term performance of the phone.

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