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Should you still buy Huawei phones?

Although Huawei phones are not as popular as before in the country’s market, this Chinese brand has made a place in the minds of technology lovers. Where this tech giant once dominated the technology world, they are continuing to fight for survival in the global smartphone market.

But the interesting thing is that Huawei has earned about 100 billion dollars in revenue in 2023. Their phones are still packed with amazing cameras and eye-catching designs. But even though it runs on Android based OS, there is no official Google service, so many people are hesitant to buy Huawei phones even after being fans of the phones.

In our post we will try to know whether you should still buy a Huawei phone by knowing the pros and cons of buying a Huawei phone.

The best side of Huawei phones!

If the reputation of Huawei phones is not right, it will not be right! Huawei phone cameras often add new dimensions to the smartphone world. Tech lovers rave about the Huawei phone camera for its amazingly detailed and vibrant photos. So it is natural for camera lovers to consider Huawei phones. We also have to talk about the design and build quality of Huawei phones. Almost everyone is familiar with the iconic design of Huawei phones. Along with the eye-catching design, you will also get excellent build quality in Huawei phones.

Oh yes! Apart from the competitive pricing of Huawei phones, the integration of cutting-edge technology is also worth praising. Huawei’s technology disproves the “top-tier technology means empty bank account” mentality.

Another great feature of Huawei phones is Huawei’s custom operating system, Harmony OS. Harmony OS basically works without Google Play Services. Huawei has done a great job with its huge app library and excellent multi-device integration in its operating system.

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So where is the problem?

This is the praise of Huawei phone.

Now the question is, if the Huawei phone is so good, where is the problem of buying this phone?

Huawei as a company and as a fan of Huawei phones, the grief of users outside of China is in the same place – the absence of Google Play service. Out-of-the-box Gmail, YouTube, Google Maps, etc. apps are not available on Huawei phones due to lack of Google Play service. No Google services are officially provided on Huawei phones anymore. Google is currently unable to license Google services to Huawei due to the US government banning any company in the country from entering into a trade agreement with Huawei. Apart from Huawei, there are several other companies on this ban list. Huawei then developed Harmony OS based on the free and open source Android Project.

The bigger problem is that Google Play Store is not built in Huawei phones. Although Huawei has App Gallery as an alternative to Google Play Store, it is not as rich as Play Store. Huawei’s app gallery has a long way to go to get all the apps you need.

So what Huawei phone should not buy?

Now the question is there is no solution to the mentioned problem of Huawei phone? Yes, of course there is.

The main pain point of Huawei phones is the absence of Google Play service. Interestingly, Harmony OS is based on Google’s open source Android, so Android features can be loaded into it.

That is, if you are somewhat experienced in technology, you can use Google’s apps on Huawei phones with the help of Google’s apps, i.e. GApps. Google apps can be sideloaded on Huawei phones like any other apps.

Google’s services and apps can be sideloaded on Huawei phones with the efforts of countless developers scattered around the world. If you install Google’s services and apps after buying a Huawei phone, you will get almost the same benefits as any other Android phone.

Isn’t that pretty awesome? That is, the idea that Google’s app cannot be used only by taking a Huawei phone is not right for now. So if you don’t mind taking a little extra hassle, there’s no problem buying a Huawei phone. However, when HarmoniOS next generation comes in the future, it will not be based on Android. As a result, it will no longer run Android apps. For now, Android apps can be sideloaded on Huawei phones, but it will not be possible in the future – that’s what it sounds like.

So you know the details about Huawei phone ecosystem. Now the decision is yours.

Would you buy a Huawei phone or should anyone buy a Huawei phone at this time? In this post we have given our opinion about Huawei phones. If you want, you can also share your opinion on this topic with Nijerit readers in the comment section.

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