Oppo Reno 12 series tipped to feature newly customized improved Sony sensor

Last November, Oppo showed off the Reno11 series mobile phones. We think the Reno12 telephones will precede the final part of 2024. Oppo hasn’t expressed anything about the Reno12 mobile phones yet. However, somebody named Brilliant Pikachu on Weibo recommended that the cameras could improve.

Oppo 12 series to feature a new Sony sensor

The insider said the Oppo Reno12 series will have another Sony sensor, making the mid-range picture quality better. Reno11 series has three telephones – Reno11, Reno11 Pro, and Reno11 F. Reno11 and Pro models have 50MP primary cameras. Reno11 F has a 64MP camera. We don’t have any idea yet the number of telephones the Reno12 series that will have or what goal their primary cameras will be. When we get it, we will illuminate you. Thus, remain associated with us.

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