Galaxy S24 battery and screen replacement costs revealed

After the European valuing of the Cosmic system S24 series was released, some new data has become known. Insights concerning the valuing of a portion of its new parts could have been uncovered. A Slovenian mechanics shop (Mobistekla) has recorded the costs of a few new parts for the System S24 series on its site.

In the event that precise, this ought to assist you with understanding the amount of you possess to spend assuming your telephone’s screen is harmed or needs to supplant its battery after its condition deteriorates.

The estimating of any remaining parts, including the metal case, SIM card space, NFC, charging connector, amplifier, mouthpiece, vicinity sensor, unique finger impression peruser, light sensor, power button, volume buttons, vibration engine, and Wi-Fi module are recorded on the connections underneath

The exactness of these costs and whether they’re practically identical to those from approved/official Samsung after-deals administration focuses is not yet clear. Be that as it may, costs probably won’t shift a lot.

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